About me

Training in both India and France

  • 2017 : Professor of Yoga of Sound - Centre National de Formation des professeurs de Yoga du son, Patrick Torre, Ardillieres, France
  • February 2017 : Yoga (training) - Sivananda Ashram, Kerala, Inde
  • January 2017 : Marmatherapy (Study of Vital Points, manual and energy treatment) - Ayurveda nursing home, Ayurtoday Sri Guruvayurappan, Vaidya (Dr) Neenu Shankar, Kerala, Inde
  • March 2016 : Taimabhyanga (Couples, maternity and mother/child massages) - Ecole Gayaveda, Caroline Henry, Tours, France
  • July 2015 : The Following of Panchakarma steps - Namlang-Himal village, Vaidya (Dr) Chandel, Bir, Himachal Pradesh, Inde
  • 2013-2015 : Ayurvedic Counselor/Consultant - Ecole Gayaveda, Caroline Henry, Tours, France
  • April 2012 : Flora therapy (Pacific Essence Level 1) - Sabina Pettitt, Limalonges, France

After a brief period at university where I studied History of the body, Religions... life decided to make a mother out of me. I explore Haptonomy and Flora Therapy.
In 2013, I started to study Ayurveda and all of its many subgenres that animated my curiosity. In 2015, at the end of my theoretical and practical courses – and having never left the European continent, Life’s endeavors led me to Ladakh in India. I am fortunate as to be able to put what I learn to practice. And India, Ayurveda and Yoga are true tutors to my existence. Gratitude!
Today, I´ve taken to heart in all humility the idea of making known and transmitting the effects that these teachings have produced upon my body and soul.


«  Love is the ultimate meaning of everything that surrounds us. It is not only a feeling; it is the truth, it is the joy that is the essence of all creation. » Rabindranath Tagore