Ayurveda is a tradional indian natural health system that aims to preserve the balance between body and mind. This millennial art teaches us the importance of internal vigilance, care for those who surround us and nature itself.
Discipline recognized by the World Health Organization.

For who ?
For all those who wish to take a process of healing and understanding in order to live more consciously. As much in preventive as in curative, the accent is put on the hygiene of life, the food, the plants and the inner attitude.

For what ?
For digestive imbalances, sleep, weight, stress, blood circulation, muscle and joint tension, tiredness, low energy, self-esteem, self-confidence ...

« The causes of pain are ignorance, emotional attachment, ones' ego, rejection and fear. » Patanjali


New season in Yoga of sound, new schedules, new prices and new places !!!

YOGA classes resume from 07/09/2020!
Single lesson 12€ - 10 lesson card 100€ - 30 lesson card 270€.
Cards valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.
The payment can be made in 3 times with the completed registration form for the 30 class card.
Registration is possible at any time of the year. No prerequisite to start yoga. "Teens" are welcome in the "adults" course. ;) Let's practice, TOGETHER!

The "children's" lessons resume! The 30 class card is 165€. Minimum 7 registrants are required!

The registration form and all the information in the Yoga section. Register for courses by following this link.

Health checks, massages and specific treatments according to Ayurveda : by appointment on 07 68 19 04 95 in Civray, Neuville du Poitou and Châtellerault.

Inhale, exhale, take care of yourself!

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